28 Oct

The best holiday gifts come straight right from the heart, and we bet that your friends and family would agree to that. While it's really easy to find personalized and customized presents from major online platforms like Amazon and Etsy. But you also know that nothing tops sticking to a DIY creative holiday gift.

So why let your crafting and creative skills to stop. Most of the creative, handmade, and DIY gifts are extremely easy to pull off. As long as you have patience, love, and creativity to give, nothing can stop you from gifting something special.

We have several ideas in mind for creative and DIY holiday gifts. A lot of these ideas even incorporate for items you already have in your house stashed. We don't want the tons of your dollars to shell out.

Without further ado, browse through the following list of creative and DIY holiday gifts to find something new and unique this year, from winter candles to gift baskets and printed blankets, and so on for everyone on your holiday gift and shopping list.

Personalized arctic fleece blankets and pillows

What if we tell you that customized fleece blankets are new hot this year? You can gift someone picture printed customized and personalized photo pillows and collage blankets. You can choose your favorite photo or memory not only perfect as a holiday gift but for your home as well.

Consider a cozy photo blanket featuring the recipient's favorite cat or dog? They make perfect and excellent gifts for cozy holiday nights and Christmas gifts.

You can get them from Snapfish at discounted rates using Snapfish free shipping code. Print whatever you want and gift them to loved ones on these holidays.

Paper poinsettia DIY gift wrap

There is no doubt that those cardstock poinsettias are so gorgeous. Not only are they fantastic and fabulous gift toppers, but they also look just as pretty on their own.

This year on holidays, bring them to life by cutting cardstock and try to DIY by hand. You can find a lot of ready-made design templates online. Decorate your gifts with them, secure with a button. Also, don't forget to put on a fringed ribbon.


This holiday season is all about reviving the old memories and forget about the trauma everyone has faced in the year 2020. That is why we will suggest you gift your loved ones, friend, and family a photobook of your memorable pictures with them. You can get them printed online from Snapfish as well.

Not only will it take you to the good memories, but it also will let you DIY it conveniently.


These above options are best suited for parents, grandparents, friends, best friends, coworkers, kids, significant others, and anyone else who has a special place in your heart. You can buy them online or DIY yourself; it's all up to you. But one thing is for sure: you will find them very creative and unique. And also, the recipients will love them.

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